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Important Dates

Important Dates and Deadlines


Membership Renewals: January 1st
Stallion Breeding Report: January 15th


Affiliate Annual Report March 1st


Utility Surcharge for Stalls: April 1st
Spring Show Camper Reservations – April 30th


Final date for Three Year Old Futurity nominations May 31st


Three Year Old Futurity & Spring Show, Ava: June – 2nd Week
Show and Celebration Camper Reservations – June 30th


Annual Election – Candidates Nomination: July 1st – August 1st
Eligible to Receive Ballots: Current Memberships as of July 1st, see Election RulesHall of Fame Nomination: July 19th


Annual Election – Ballots: Mailed on or before August 15th


Annual Show & Celebration, Ava: Starts Labor Day Weekend


Annual Election – Results Announced: October, Annual Meeting
Annual Membership Meeting: October
Three-Year Old Futurity nominations:  October 31


Fox Trot Service Net – Annual: December 1st
Judges Card Renewal: By December 31st of appropriate year
Celebration Catalog: By December 31st of appropriate year

MFTHBA Age Calculations:

Age for MFTHBA Members Determined: As of January 1st of current year
Age for Horses Determined:
—  Weanling during year foaled;
—  Yearling as of January 1 of following year;
—  Each January 1st advance age by one year.

Exception, for Show Purposes Only, foals born September 1st through December 31st, are considered as being foaled the following year.