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Ginger’s Miss Smokey

Ginger’s Miss Smokey

By ]o Seiner

From the February 1989 Journal ©MFTHBA


Miss Smokey

Ginger’s Miss Smokey

The world of Missouri Fox Trotting horses has lost another “Grand Old Lady!”

On Dec. 30, 1988, “Ginger’s Miss Smokey,” owned by LeRoy and Jo Seiner of Humansville, Mo., died at the age of 24 years.

”Smokey” was one of the last five (?) remaining mares (Seiner’s have a 26 year old full sister) from the “Sterling Merry Boy” stud owned by Elmer and Alice Hicks of Bolivar, Mo.

“Smokey” was bred and raised on the Seiner farm. At the age of six weeks, her mother was killed by lightning, so the task of raising the orphan colt began. She was fed whole cow s milk from the dairy herd every three-four hours by drinking it from small sauce pan along with eating grain. Her feeding schedule was her own timing as she soon learned to come to the dairy barn lot for her milk.

“Smokey” proved to be an outstanding mother and .grandmother by producing several show offspring. Among them being: 1982 World Grand Champion 4 year Old Perfection’s Fancy Lad; 1982 World Champion Model Colt Ozark’s Copper Penny; 1984 Three Year Old Futurity Champion Lad’s Perfect Blue Angel; 1985 Three Year Old Futurity Champion Perfection’s Baron Star; 1986 Two Year Old Reserve Champion Model Ozark’s Daisy Mae; 1983 Model Senior Stud Perfection’s Pistol Pete; plus several other placing show entries.

She, herself was a top model horse being shown at Ava as a 2 year old by LeRoy himself, placing third in 1966, her first show to be entered in.         .

The legends of great horses will continue and among them will be “Ginger’s Miss Smokey.”

From the February 1989 Journal