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RD “Pinky” Forrester and Johnnie’s Gold Dust

Humans and Horses of the MFTHBA

RD “Pinky” Forrester and Johnnie’s Gold Dust Reg. # G-11248

RD Pinky Forrester and Johnnies Gold Dust G11248Charla Keller describes when she first fell in love with fox trotters. “This is the horse that started it all. Dusty, owned by the man who my father knew as one of his golfing buds and I knew as the angel who opened the door to all things equine for me somewhere around the time I turned ten years old, living in northwest AR at that time. I’m finding it difficult to pin down just one special moment from those summers of showing, hacking around the farm, swimming the horse in the pond and simply riding up and down the road to show off the fact that I was on a HORSE, so I’ll simply say that sharing your horse, and your time, with a horseless, horse struck kid is going to result in favorite memories that will last a lifetime…sometimes for you both.”


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