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New Sponsorship Program Launched

The MFTHBA Sponsorship Committee is excited to announce a new sponsorship program.  Led by Mark Mackie, the Sponsorship Committee is working to provide more value for sponsors.  Under the new program, any sponsor participating in the program will receive added benefits from years past plus those benefits will be spread over the entire year including recognition at both the Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity and the World Show and Celebration.

“I am very excited about the programs we have developed to potentially bring on some significant Sponsors for both of our National shows and other programs throughout the year,” shared Mark Mackie, MFTHBA Sponsorship Chairman.  “The committee is very optimistic that we can reach our goals which will cover the cost of both shows as well as support all of our additional activities including trail programs, seminars and all other events to support our Breed, grow the registry and the membership.”

In the coming months, the MFTHBA Sponsorship Committee will be working hard to reach out to businesses.  “It’s exciting to see a committee of people working to benefit our entire breed,” added Lisa Cantrell, MFTHBA Vice President.  “It is also great for our sponsors, as now they will be an MFTHBA sponsor for the year, so there are definitely more benefits for them as well.”

Another important aspect of the committees plan is continuing to build a strong relationship with the Ava, Missouri business community.  At the January meeting, the MFTHBA Board of Directors approved Janet Cunningham, MFTHBA Sponsorship Committee Member, to represent the MFTHBA at Ava Chamber of Commerce meetings.  “I will be working with Judy Shields from the Ava Chamber of Commerce to help improve communication with MFTHBA so they both can benefit from the relationship,” shared Janet.

“We want to assist our association to become a world class organization shown through our facilities and business practices,” added Mark.  “None of this will be possible without the help of the Sponsorship committee members which are Maxcy Dimmick, Janet Cunningham and Mary Ellen Frantz. Also, the assistance from Amber Wilson, Lisa Cantrell, Dennis Bromley and Ruth Moore will and has been invaluable. We also want thank in advance any other members that may be ask to assist with some programs in the near future.”