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2014 Sportsmanship Award Winner Announced

MFT Full LogoGood sportsmanship is part of the tradition of equine events. Whether it is following rules and playing fair at a horses show, lending a hand to a fellow trail rider or treating fellow equestrians with respect and courtesy, MFTHBA members exhibit good sportsmanship on a daily basis. The MFTHBA Sportsmanship Award was designed to recognize MFTHBA members who exemplify the principles of good sportsmanship and consistently puts them into practice.

MFTHBA members nominated three members for this year’s award. Barb Middleton, Mark Holifield and Jennifer Stewart were all recognized as members with a positive influence on those around them. “With this award, it really is hard to select just one member to recognize,” shared Dr. Joyce Graening. “I didn’t envy the MFTHBA membership having to make this selection.” While it wasn’t an easy task, the MFTHBA membership did in fact decide the winner of the 2014 Sportsmanship Award.

This year, the MFTHBA will honor Mark Holifield with the award. Mark was nominated after assisting Dallin Story at the 2014 World Show and Celebration. His nomination letter shared this about the moment. “An amazing moment for many spectators of the Celebration was during the qualifying and championship classes for the Men’s Class, when Mark Holifield coached and rode with Dallin through the entire two classes.” Learn more about Dallin’s journey at the celebration by clicking here.

The MFTHBA appreciates all its members who practice good sportsmanship and congratulations Mr. Holifield on being recognized by the MFTHBA membership as the 2014 Sportsmanship Award winner. He will be formally recognized at the 2015 Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity this coming June.