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Election Result Announcement Dates

The results for the MFTHBA Director positions for Regions 6 and 7 will be announced by the accounting firm at the October Board meeting scheduled for October 10.  This information will then be shared on MFTHBA.com and through the MFTHBA text messaging system.

The results for the Secretary/Treasurer position announcement will be delayed until the week of October 16.  The delay is a result of 48 international ballots inadvertently not being mailed by our third party mailing service until September 13.  Per the MFTHBA bylaws, members must have 30 days from the date mailed to return their ballot.  Only the 48 international ballots are impacted and only these individuals will have until October 13 to return their ballots.  The international ballots only affect the Secretary/Treasurer results so it will be the only impacted announcement.  Once this time period passes, the accounting firm will certify the election results for this position and the results will be announced via MFTHBA.com and other communication methods.

The MFTHBA Board of Directors apologizes for the delay but feels that our international members deserve the time outlined in our bylaws to return their ballots.  Corrective actions are already being implemented to prevent this issue in the future.