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Arkansas Chapter of the MFTHBA Spring Clinic

May 5, 2018 all-day
Spring Clinic
1405 Locust Grove Rd
Locust Grove
Karyn Vaughan

Attention Riders and Trainers of Young Horses

During their Spring Clinic to be held on May 5th, Arkansas Chapter of the MFTHBA located in Batesville invites you to let your young horses see some of the “scary” things that our showgrounds at Ozark Gaited Saddle Club Arena at Jamestown, Arkansas can offer. White fences, flapping flags and poles, speakers, and decorated gazebos can be real challenges but we have them all in a “mini Ava” setting and atmosphere.

Colts and fillies are welcome to ride around in a non-judged, learning capacity. They will have access to the facilities, expansive grounds, arena, and panel-surrounded warm-up ring.

The grounds will be open at 12 noon. The clinic will begin at 2 but the young horses are welcome to spend the day with us. The “mock” show for our clinic participants will follow the clinic at 4, but any young horses in Futurity situations would not be allowed in the arena at that time. Club members will be critiquing the riders as they try out their attempts to improve their Fox Trotters and themselves after their work at the clinic.

Address: 1405 Locust Road (Hwy 230), Locust Grove Arkansas
Contact: Marsha Brewster 870 612 3890
Carla Sample 501 454 4724
Karyn Vaughan 417 293 5740