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Member Excels in Golden State Versatility Ranch Horse Association

Submitted by Dr. Pat Grant, DVM

A first ever Dude Ranch weekend rekindled the love of horses and the backcountry of California.  Wanting to maximize our future enjoyment, the “discovery” of gaited ranch horses was perfect.

Knowing that we wanted to enjoy cowboy activities we looked for MFT’s that had been started working cattle.

Shortly after our two geldings arrived in California, we were introduced to a lovely reined cow horse trainer who agreed to work with us.  Only later did we learn that she is a World Top 10 in AQHA Open VRH and in NRSHA Open VRH(National Ranch and Stock Horse Alliance, an all-breed organization)

She is also one of the founders of Western States Versatility Ranch Horse Association and the California Affiliate, GSVRHA.

These are All Breed Associations and so we found our cowboy opportunity at their competitions doing cutting, cow work, reining, ranch riding and trail competitions.

As we began to improve, we opened the conversation about judging all intermediate gaits equally in ranch riding and trail.  At the end of 2018, the judging criteria were amended.

Last weekend, we scored our first 70 in ranch riding.  Our foxtrot being appreciated for its consistency and propulsion.

Our cutting still needs work, but we can do a reining run that will bring a smile to your face.

If you live in Arizona, California or Utah this could be the cowboy activity for you as well.  http://gsvrha.org/