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Note From the Office: Online Horse Records Is Updating

The office has recently received some questions about the Online Horse Records system.  Members should note the system is updating.  “I have verified that all registrations are up to date in the system,” shared Cathy Lansdown, MFTHBA Registry Manager.  Cathy noted that there are some transfers that the office staff is working to verify are correct in the system.  “Most transfers are available.  There is a short period of time we are reviewing to ensure that those transfers are up to date.”  If there are any questions regarding the information available, please reach out the MFTHBA Office Staff at foxtrot@mfthba.com.

While the staff has verified the system is updated, members may still experience issues with the system, including the system not locating a horse in the system that is there.  These glitches are in no way related to or a reflection of the MFTHBA registry system.

“Members should rest assured that all registry data is securely maintained,” shared MFTHBA President Mark Mackie.  “The Online Horse Records system accessed by the members is completely separate from the registry system used for official records.”

The Online Horse Records system was launched in 2004 as a way of allowing members a way to access basic registry information.  “We recognize the system is in need of an update,” added Mark.  The MFTHBA is working to raise money to fund an updated, more user-friendly website that provides members access more information.

Individuals or businesses interested in learning more about opportunities to support the development of the new Online Horse Records should contact the MFTHBA office at 417-683-2468 or foxtrot@mfthba.com.

While the MFTHBA works to fund this project, the current Online Horse Records will remain available for use by members.